For a while now you have probably been busy looking after others, now is the time to start looking after yourself. If you’re approaching retirement, now is a good time to seek advice – so you can plan to spend your retirement doing all the things you want to. Together we will build a retirement plan that works best for you taking advantage of the latest changes and developments in legislation and taxation considerations. The right advice now can make a big difference to the quality of your retirement life.

Wealth Creation

  • Do I have the right balance between assets inside and outside Super?
  • Is my money really working tax effectively for me?
  • I need help managing my cash flow.


  • How can salary sacrificing help me?
    I have heard about a transition to retirement strategy, can this help me?
  • We Believe in living the dream…
  • Is my current superannuation costly considering the advice I receive?
  • Can I use my super fund to invest in Shares?
  • Is a Self Managed Super Fund right for me?

Retirement Planning

  • How much will I need for a comfortable retirement?                        
  • Am I on track to achieve a comfortable retirement?
  • What is the financial impact of me suffering a major illness?
  • What are my options if I want to work part time during retirement?
  • Can I gain access to a Government Aged Pension?
  • How can changes at Centrelink benefit me?
  • How can Superannuation Legislation Changes benefit me?

Estate Planning

  • Do I have an appropriate Will in place?                                                               
  • How do I distribute my estate fairly to family and other beneficiaries?
  • We can start the conversation for you to continue with your Solicitor.

Accounting Services and Mortgages*

  • There are various tax implications associated with coming into retirement; our preferred Accounting partner, will be able to assist you in this are.
  • Whether you are looking to buy an investment property, or your children are looking to buy a new house, our preferred Lending partner  would be happy to help.
  • *Referral arrangements are independent of RI Advice Group Pty Ltd.